Minggu, 25 Agustus 2013

My First Boyfriend


When I was Junior High School, I knew him. Even if we didn’t ever meet, we were always sent a message each other with SMS (Short Message Service). He was a good boy, cared to me and funny. After a week, he asked me to be his girlfriend. At the moment, I didn’t want, because I didn’t love him. After some days, he asked me again but I rejected him. Then, he said that he would to go if I didn’t accept him. Finally, I forced to accept him to be my boyfriend, my first boyfriend, because I didn’t want he went, not cause I loved him.
Then, I told my friends that he was my boyfriend. All of my friends didn’t agree because they thought that he was bad and not suitable for me. They ordered me to stopped love him and broken off our relationship. I was confused. When I came back to home, I can’t broken off with him because I was aware that I was very love him. Finally, I passed this relationship without blessing of my friends.

Next month, he was honest to me that he had a girlfriend again. I was shocked, angry, peevish and jealous. I asked him to chose me or her. If he chose her, I would to go. But, if he chose me, he must go from her. I thought that he would chose her, not me. Then, he chose me. I was very happy and forgave him.
When I was birthday, he gave me a ring. I was happy. I felt nothing again that I want because I had him. Then, I passed all with happiness. Fortunately, we was a schoolmate. So, I can see him every day. He ever didn’t call me for a month because his phone was broken. But, I even with him.
After he bought a phone again, he sent a message for me. Finally, I can communicated with him. But, since that I felt that he was change. I felt he didn’t love me again. He loved someone. I saw him with a girl at school. He talked with that girl in front of me. When he sang at competition, he never look at me. When I went to home, he didn’t wait me again. When I got the first ranking, he didn’t congratulate me.
January 7th is his birthday. I bought a shirt as present for him. I forced him to meet. At the moment, he was very nice and cared to me. But, next night suddenly he broken off our relationship. He said that he can’t hold in with me. At the moment, I accepted his chosen. I let him go.
My heart was broken. He changed very fast. Until now I can’t forget him. I still love him. He taught me many things, about love, loyal and sacrifice. I can’t forget all memories about him. I want he come back to me. I still alone. I am hurt because of him. But, I can’t hate him. I hope he is always happy. I pray for his happiness. Maybe, a long of my life I’ll never forget him until the day I die. He is my first love, my prince.
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